I Love PCBs! Tell Me More…

If, like us, you’re potty about making and you don’t think PCBs (printed circuit boards) get enough love, then stick around: things are just getting interesting!
We believe circuit boards are things of beauty. But they don’t just look cool; they’re intricately designed pieces of hardware that bring complex software to life. They make the digital, physical -- one glorious chip at a time.

So it sucks that despite the fact PCBs can make all this great stuff happen, there’s never been a great way to see them online.

So… we decided to make it possible! 

We’ve put together a javascript loader that renders Eagle BRD files visually as THREE.js models. Want to give it a whirl? Head over to GitHub and grab it from our repo. Be advised though -- we’re still working on this, so the script isn’t 100% accurate. It’s probably best to use it as a visualization aid only (for now…). But go ahead, experiment and enjoy! 

This is first in a number of new maker-focused tools that we’ll be rolling out.

Watch this space → α

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